Saturday, December 8, 2007


It seems that once I started making cards I can't bring myself to give store bought.

This birthday card is for my new daughter-in-law had who is seriously into swans. I have a friend who makes quilts and it was my conversations with her that inspired this cut paper card. I have the itch to do more like this.

Then there is my annual Christmas card. I started making these about 9 years ago. Here is this years greeting made from last years cards recycled. The photo is of my parents and baby me.

Christmas brings tidings
from heaven above.
Ancient myths tell us
of peace and love.
But for many, then,
that's not how it was,
or is today simply because,
not every head has a place to lay.
not every manger is filled with hay,
not every window glows with a light,
not every star outshines the night.
The glorious goodwill
in the angels song
for so many
has never come along.
Some live in darkness,
no stars for them shine,
until you come bearing
that light so divine.
You bring Christmas
with shepherds and a king.
You cause heavenly choirs
to rise and sing.
You, the joy of the season,
make the days bright.
Reach for another,
make holy the night.

However you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the riches of your traditions.

I have been working on my holiday shopping, which I tend to make into a production, and now it is time to decorate the house. For the past few years I have had a young friend come over to help put up our tree. We have a 7.5' beauty that we fill with years and years of collecting ornaments. All of this, plus the ever growing Santa/Angel/elf/Village collection are stored in the attic, which means many trips up and down carrying large and sometimes heavy boxes. My young friend could run those steps without a huff or puff. And, he was raised in a house that did not decorate for the holidays so he really enjoyed "playing". Drat! he has a new job and is not available to help this year. So, my husband and I are on our own. We have dedicated next week to this project because next Saturday we will host the annual Holiday party for our Kiwanis club. There are usually 50-55 friends attending but our club has enjoyed an influx of members this year and I have rsvp's from 60 people--so far. We will be bursting at the seams, but enjoying the party that kicks off the season for us.

I've enjoyed seeing all of the holiday decorations that many of you have posted so I'll try to get some pictures up as we get done. Looking forward to enjoying the Season here in blog land.


Alison Gibbs said...

Your cards are beautiful. Hope your party is fun.

Patience-please said...

I do love the swan card. Thank you for sharing it. Good luck with the decorating!

Michelle said...

your cards are so beautiful! The only time I buy store bought is if it's for a toddler, for a man in the family or if I need alot at once.

katydiddy said...

I'm on my way to help with the decorating!