Friday, March 7, 2008

A Good Day

A few posts ago, I shared my doodlings in computer art. Well, the art gods have smiled on me today. I got an offer to sign up for Google Notifier for Mac. Since I get blog comments on my gmail (I can't help it, that sounds so naughty), which is not my regular email, I often don't check and don't realize I've got some good stuff to read. Lo and Behold, included in Google Notifier is a program called Sketch. It is primarily for architectural and woodworking designers, but it sure is fun for just fooling around. Here is today's experiment. I can see this being worked into a collage scheme.
So many toys, so little time.

And, I just got some great news. The whirlpool bathtub, that I insisted on when we did a bathroom remodel a few years ago, is not working right and we had to call repair. I love it but, because I have this delusion that I am always short on time, I tend to jump into the shower in the morning and can find 100 reasons to deny myself a good soak in the evening. But now, it seems I am being "forced" to languishing in the tub. It has become a chore, another darned responsibility, if you will. The "bathtub technician" said these things go on the blink when they are not used regularly. So, you see, I have no choice. I simply must soak frequently. Don't you just feel so bad for me? More work! Somehow, I will survive.

But wait! I have more news to share. I have been involved with a local drug and alcohol rehab agency here in town for about 19 years. Way back then, I had a business consulting practice and I was asked to sit on the board. I have done that continually for 19 years, and I also went back to school so that I could become a counselor. I really love the work and the agency is near and dear to my heart. This is apparently my year because they have chosen me to be the honoree at the annual Tea Party. This event is totally put on by the women in our program to honor someone from the community that supports our work. Most of these gals have never even been close to a tea party, but they learn all about it, make the fancy food, dress up complete with hats and read poetry to the guests, most of whom are business people from the city. It is quite moving and a good experience for the women and the community to get a look at each other. I am so touched to be chosen.

As if that were not enough, they asked me to be the keynote speaker at our annual graduation. Clients who have completed any of our programs in the past year, who are still clean and sober, are invited to attend. They receive diplomas and recognition. As a board member, we (I got my husband involved a few years ago) go every year. Again, it is a very moving event. I haven't done any groups for quite awhile and I am looking forward to this opportunity to interact with these most courageous people again.

Ok, that's enough bragging for one day. For this and for all I am given, I am grateful.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh poor Laura, what a tough life - soaking away in the tub, attending and being Guest of Honor at Tea Parties, playing with google!!
Oh poor you!!!!!LOL
Have a great weekend
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reinaswan said...

They made a good choice picking you for the keynote speaker. How fun and exciting!!!

Tara said...


So many good things going on for you--how wonderful!


Patience-please said...

Oh, GOOD for you!


Natasha Burns said...

Oh I like that soaking in the tub idea~ I do feel sorry for you! hehehe!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the fun read!

Jenny said...

You get in the tub right now! I am looking forward to coming to your tea and am very proud of you.

katydiddy said...

Miss O & I will be at your tea party. If the ladies have any questions, they can certainly ask her-she's an expert at throwing tea parties. I'm so proud of you!

katie said...

oh laura,
congratulatory hugs for all the wonderous and well deserved goodness happening to you in your life, drink deep baby!!