Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Or, as Kermit the Frog says, "Time's fun when you're having flies." I'm still getting used to writing 2008 and it's March already! I have missed all of you so, today, I'm catching up with you and your blogs and offering some updates here.

Let me start with my Katydiddy. I am now the owner of this darling decoration
which, to me, is soooooo Easter. I'm old enough to remember when new things looked like this. Laura makes these from antique chocolate molds and does a very special job with the paints and embellishments. I might be a bit biased as I am her mother, but I don't think so.

Then, she told me about a great bargain at her local art and craft chain store. I had been to the one near me and did not find these and I told her so with a long face. It worked. She gave me these.
They are felt ornaments but she uses them as stamps or resists. I can't wait to use them.

Although I've not been posting, I've still been "arting". Here are two more pages in my newest journal. I see that her lipstick is a mess. I'll have to fix that.
I'm practicing painting every day. (I'm lying. I paint a couple of times a week, but everyday sounds so much better.) This woman was in an ad in our Sunday paper and something about the look of her calling really got me. I put her in here, gave her a coat of gesso, then practiced mixing colors and shading. I have a long way to go, but I see progress here. I think she is calling out a most special message and when I can quiet down enough to hear it, I have the next page to write it on.

Then, I water colored a sketch I'd done earlier and tucked her into a page. Here's something I find interesting. Several people have commented that she is someone in particular. None of them see her as the same person, but someone they know. One friend even thought it was her! I cannot see the resemblance. She came out of my pencil and I seem to be the only one who doesn't think they know her. Art is so magical!
And finally, here is a project that created itself last evening. I was cleaning my art space up a bit and came across some inked paper that Randi had given me before she moved to Corn Country. It was as if they were begging to be used, not put back into the drawer. And suddenly I saw other scraps and the antique doily on my work table in a whole new light. The next thing I knew, I came out of my trance to discover I'd made a really cool little journal. It's about 4"x6", nice and fat and raggedy. I am a most tactile person so I love that each page has texture. I also like things that I will call "messy" for lack of a better term.
The box on top holds a set of inspiration ATC's that Randi made as well.
Here's a peek inside.
This page is a snowflake that I made playing with my granddaughter. On the left is Randi's. Don't you love all that ink?
The left side is more of Randi's amazing paper and the right is a paper towel that I used while water coloring.

The leaf is brown paper wrap my daughter made for a gift she gave me.

More great papers from The CrazedWoman
and one of several antique doilies I have from my great Aunt. It lays flat but I flipped it up a bit for better viewing. I think I will weave in some hand dyed ribbons I got in a trade.

I have a stack of these along with a once beautiful crocheted tablecloth that is falling apart. I shopped around to see if it could be repaired and was told it is too far gone. Part of me thinks of all of the wonderful things I can make with these and part of me gasps in horror at the thought of cutting, pasting and painting them. I've decided that it is a crime to let them sit, unseen, in my buffet drawer. My Aunt was artsy and I can imagine her telling me to make them into something beautiful. Sewing this one into the journal has broken the ice. I'm just about ready to take the scissors to the rest.

Speaking of renewal, I wish all a most blooming and vibrant Spring.


Patience-please said...

Oh my you have been busy and so creative! I say leave the lipstick messy - it tells a story.

you are inspiring-

katydiddy said...

that journal is great! thanks for the plug!

katydiddy said...

that journal is great! thanks for the plug!

Tara said...

I love peeking into your journal--it is such a sight! You have such talent, I admire that!


Michelle said...

wow, everything looks so good! And I like the lipstick messy too!

KARA said...

well firstly I have to agree I think Lauras choc mold goddies are so pretty, I totally love them.
The journal looks awesome your painting is amazing

reinaswan said...

I am really loving your art. A true gem.

katie said...

i love to see what you're creating - you are an inspiration, as is your daughter!