Thursday, April 17, 2008

In a Pensive Mood

No art to share. Just some photos and thoughts. Hey, wait! Photos are art, right? So here's my story.

I have made some pieces while I've been gone, but they were gifts and they flew out of here without having their pictures taken. I see change in my work as I get more confident and learn new techniques. I'm looking forward to a Summer of experimentation.

I have been writing more and just noticed that I am going through, what I finally realize is, my "change of seasons mood."
I feel like I am seeing the familiar for the first time. Boundaries get blurry and it seems that the fantastical is possible.

Because I grew up in Cleveland, I am most comfortable in cooler weather with occasional dark and rainy days. People say that there are no seasons in California, but there are. And as we head straight into Sizzling Summer, not my favorite, I'm pausing to soak up the images I love from the Wistful Winter.

Late Winter brings amazing light in the afternoon. It seeps into our old house and does magical things. I find myself arranging my day so that I can be home for this show. Here are some examples.

Then we have overcast conditions that just seem to erase the sky. Suggests a kind of limitlessness to me. Some overcast can make me feel claustrophobic, like something is closing in on me. This one makes me feel exposed and boundless.

Right now, I feel a bit like I'm stuck on a shelf, waiting for someone to take me down and put me to the work I've come to enjoy. For years my camera took pictures of vacation spots and holiday gatherings. Only in the past few years have I come to appreciate what an entertaining companion it is for me. I had no idea it knew so many tricks!

But then I come into this room I am now calling my Den. Out of habit, I still slip and call it my Office. I can't quite call it my Studio yet. Still struggling with a bit of impostor syndrome. But whatever I call it, this is the room I have claimed as my own. A place for art, writing, reading, napping, meditating and playing with like minded friends. I'll guiltily admit it may be the best room in the house. Come on in.
I'll share the beautiful orchids a friend gave me because she missed my tea party. She is someone I don't really know very well, so it was extra touching to have her remember me like this.

Right now, I'm off to visit with two of my favorite people, The Queen and Princess of the Royal Icings. Later, I'll be popping in to visit many of you.

Here's to a Splendid Summer of art and friends.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I feel better now.

Blew off a little steam with the previous post. I've been making art hit and miss but not finding the kind of time I need to post to the blog. I have been reading your blogs, and having a most wonderful time doing so. Still in jammas at noon! but taking time to catch up.

I have been working in that little book I made from the scraps of paper I had laying around. I am mostly using it as a glue book, not a lot of painting, because the different papers are really what the book is all about. I love how the doily sticks out. Here a few pages that are ready for journaling.

I have no idea where I got this picture of money. I love the colors and was glad to find it in my stash.
These pages really touch my heart. They are a memento of the day I showed my granddaughter how to make "snowflakes". This was an awful snowflake, but she thought I was a genius! I have already filled this one up with favorite quotes, some of which actually come from my own writing. It was so relaxing to make all of those viney little flowers. Sigh.
Here's the other side of the "snowflake". The foil that shows through is from a candy wrapper. I love to use these, the page smells like chocolate!

And this is the tea set that was in a HUGE gift basket from the recovering women who put on my tea party. I still get all teary when I look at it. It's hard to surprise me, but they did.  They led me down a hall way to see the new meditation room with a big old brass plaque on the door saying it was named for me.  A most humbling and moving moment for me. Truly one of the most memorable days of my life. The graduation was, as usual, also wonderful. Like any graduation, it reminds me that everything is possible.

This little cutie is a gift from Mary Beth Shaw. Go look at her site. Wonderful and generous artist.
I told you this would be a catchup post. I wrote earlier that the husband and I are going to concerts at the new Disney Concert in L.A. Last time we went I forgot the binoculars, so I remembered my camera. Seems I have to choose because I'll never remember everything. During intermission, I take out my little Canon and click away. This isn't the best shot of the interior and that fantastic organ, but it shows the most in one photo. If you click on it to enlarge, you can just make out the seat covering. Lovely effect. Story goes that Mrs. Disney was an avid gardener and wanted the look of flowers. So, the lights flash for end of intermission and people stream back into their seats and there is an announcement. I know better than to take photos during the performance, but the announcement very sternly informs that "photos are not to be taken at ANY time in the concert hall. " This will apparently be the last photo of this that you see from me. Too bad because the photo ops endless.

I'm off to the shower. My writers group will be here very shortly, I really should be dressed!
Happy Days

Isn't it nice

when someone who is obviously as busy as Mr. Adam Brown (I am sure that's his real name) takes time from his busy and exciting life, flying around everywhere, to look at my blog and leave a comment.  And even nicer, he takes time to share an opportunity to make money, from home! Him being so busy and all, I guess we have to forgive him for mistakenly thinking that he and I ever spoke.  Imagine.  A perfect stranger cares so much about others.  PLEASE do NOT check this out.  It is the most annoying kind of SPAM.  Shame on you Adam and all of your friends.  Leave me and my friends alone.