Wednesday, June 11, 2008


is what today turned out to be. I went to bed last night feeling not well at all. The alarm went off early for my Kiwanis meeting and I just didn't think I could get myself out of that nice soft bed. Several of us take turns writing the weekly newsletter, and today was my turn. Of course all it would have taken is a phone call and someone else would have done it. And, even if no one was available, in the course of human events this newsletter would rate pretty low. But every now and then my old Catholic training sets in. Words like commitment, promise and responsibility began to swirl about my sleepy mind. Of course, I got up. The first promising change was brought on by a shower. Then I wore a new top, remembered that the program today was by a group that reported on a humanitarian trip they took to India. Complete with wonderful slides of amazing photos.

I was already feeling better as I went out to the car and was greeted by this on the patio
Then this
This is the second round for both of these. Reminds me of an old cowboy song, My Adobe Hacienda. Phrase is "cactus blooming on the patio."

Then I saw the last of the water Iris. Looking pretty good for a straggler. The pot this is in is full of tadpoles.

Then, as well as 'things' looking up, 'I' looked up.

Throw in a cup of coffee, lots of hugs and laughs with friends and things were really turning around.

I did promise that I would take it easy today. So, I came home and planted myself in the den and cut, pasted, wrote. Made cards, journaled, drank lots of green tea and played with the dogs. Snuck out for a brief out to lunch with the husband and came right back to play with photos I've taken recently. That brings us up to right about now and feeling pretty good.

The husband came home the other day very excited about an angel statue that he saw at the store. He insisted I go back with him and see it. Guess what? We bought it and she looks great in the yard right outside of the den. She begged to have her picture taken and I obliged. Here is a two page journal entry using her.

Then I made a transparency transfer that came out better than any I've done so far. I glued it to cardboard and think I will make it into mail art. I just need to find someone to send it to. Hmmmm.
This next journal page is one of a couple I've done around a Nun theme. I am a product of these mysterious women and for some reason find myself thinking of them a lot lately. My first page was a bit of a juvenile rant that turned into a very different and mature perspective.

This is the power of journaling. Over the years I've filled composition books with my thoughts, dreams and fears. I've worked out a lot of difficult issues on paper as well as discovering that my daily writing could be seed for poems and prose. But I have to say that art journaling has had a much more profound effect on me.
On this page, I found myself thinking not of myself but about them; young women who stepped bravely into the unknown taking no familiar comfort with them. I have lots of Nun Stories for another day.

These "Nun" entries brought my internal housecleaning to life. I wasn't aware of any connection in these two pieces until today. Quite the experience having my Self point something out in the concrete to myself.

So, how can a day that started out reluctantly, evolved to angels and nuns and ended here with all of you be called anything but "great!"

Peace, Love and Mystery to all.


Natasha Burns said...

What a great day for you! Love the flowers greeting you at the door and your angel is wonderful! The pages you created are lovely and the nuns - what interesting women they are. My mother has so many nun stories from when she was at a college run by the nuns in the 1960s. We had a nun principal at our primary school while I was there for a few years an then there have been none since. I wonder if their numbers around the world are diminishing as they seem to be here in Australia? You never really hear of girls saying they are going to join the convent do you?

katydiddy said...

I loved your nun stories when I was a little girl! I have a few of my own, courtesy of Sister Mary Angela. Love the angel pictures and transfers.

Tara said...

Don't these look great!

Tara said...

I loved reading how your day evolved and how it progressed to better and better. Journaling for you--blogging for me--is such a catharsis...a wonderful way to come back to the realization life is pretty darn good!

Hope you are enjoying the fourth with you and yours!