Friday, March 13, 2009

A most auspicious day!

This is a great post for my come back. 

Friends have forced me onto Facebook (yes, forced me I tell you) and I have done little more than try to keep up with their messages. This morning I realized that I can actually search for people and I hit the jackpot!
I found my absolutely best childhood pal. 

On my first try!

The above art is a journal entry that I made months ago thinking that I would never find her.

Friends have always been at the top of my list and old friends are like no other. They may not know who you are now, but they know who you were.


Michelle said...

Face book IS great for re-connecting with long lost friends! It's also nice to catch up with "family" that live out of state!

Welcome back!

katydiddy said...

It's either feast or famine on this blog. No entries for months & then 3 a couple of days. Who would have ever imagined that those two little girls would one day reconnect on the internet? A concept that didn't even exist yet. Makes my head hurt!