Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have only recently discovered how relaxing sketching with a charcoal pencil can be. Most of my efforts have been truly awful, and this one needs some work, but all in all I am celebrating great progress. The vine running up the right side and the Imagine that shows faintly on the bottom were a surprise. They are the imprint left from the scratch work I did on the previous page. I wish they were not there, but they are.

I love faces, to draw and to photograph. I'm just learning to ask people if I can take their picture but I was raised in a house where it was very impolite to stare and you did not want to get caught looking at anyone. I probably passed that on to my kiddos, so here is the public apology, "I'm sorry", and the admission, "I was wrong", and the therapy, "go out there and look at some faces!"

Here's to paying attention, living deliberately, fully conscious and seeing spirit everywhere we look.


Patience-please said...

One of the mediums Bill uses is a process called clay monotyping. Often, "ghosts" of previous prints will appear. They are wonderful!

I love the ghosts in this piece!

katydiddy said...

Apology accepted, but unnecessary.

Natasha Burns said...

Oh I love that your vine and Imagine showed on this page! I would never have guessed they were unintentional. Your charcoal sketch is beautiful! I used to sketch in charcoal when I did life drawing back at school and it was my favourite medium