Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art and Soul

What happens in Vegas, gets posted here!!! That city is a photographers paradise.

Look up
look down, look around, go to the rest room just bring your camera!

Just spending time with my sweet daughter was enough of a treat. Then spending time with Katie Kendrick (I'll admit it, I was a bit star struck meeting her after following her blog for several years)

and making delicious books from cardboard and cheese cloth put me over the top.

I have been basking in an attitude of gratitude ever since.

I wish for all, an experience of the abundance of fun that makes the world go 'round.


Notes From Pippi said...

I looked up, I looked down, and all around your blog-great pictures, especially the one of rolled up silverware--I can't wait to see the book you made.

Musing Magpie said...

Your pictures are everything you promised they would be. I was wandering the lanes of the Spectrum with you again - and would love to meld my blue shutters with your bathroom doors.

And hang on tightly to your little book. It's priceless!

Alison Gibbs said...

Sounds like you loved the retreat.
Lucky you

Laura Bray said...

The photos are great and your book looks almost as good as it does in real life. Thank you for being such a fun mom. I am so grateful to have you for my mom.