Wednesday, June 2, 2010


iPhone Photos

Don't get me wrong, I love my big girl Canon camera, but, like Misty Mawn, I think there is just something fun and magical about the photos you can get with that iPhone and just a few of the amazing apps available for it. Add to that the fact that I am somewhat obsessed with taking pictures from the car and you get these, taken on the fabled So Cal freeway system heading home to the ranch from an afternoon with our darling, darling grandson. All in all, a great day.

Hidden Poems

I have recently made a discovery, here in blog land, that has my head spinning. I have a wonderful friend who gifts me with damaged but still lovable old books that I alter for journals. I've discovered that old paper takes paint and ink like no new paper can so I use these for signatures but, maybe because I also write, I always feel bad about covering up the text. Many book artists are now selectively scribbling out patches of the text and discovering hidden poems. I wonder about the person who wrote the text, the printer who set the type, all of the people who have read the book over these many years. I wonder if any of them knew that my poem was right there, hiding in plain site.

Here is one of my pages with an example of a poem that I "discovered" hidden within.


Interesting and incomprehensible,
they are here in very old apothecaries
but the sick men of tradition
will have none of them.
No longer are the olden rites
in the housewives memories.
The husbandmen fear them,
the gardeners hate them.
A mercy upon them all.


The book this page is from is an etherial and colorful volume on gardens and gardening written in early 1900. How can these words be so meaningful more than a century later in a very different context?

What if time and space are illusions and there is really only right here and right now?

Think about this until your head spins. Then lie down for a nap and a wonderful dream. That's where I'm headed.

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Notes From Pippi said...

good pictures and a very good idea about making poems from old books.