Thursday, June 17, 2010

Journal pages

I love throwing paint around, mindlessly, and calling it a journal page.

These are all ready for the next time inspiration hits.

This one has extra magic. It came alive in a frenzied painting session with one of the grands.

I learned to make these "people" in the painting class I took a few weeks ago.

Is it obvious that I hate to waste paint and I had a lot of these colors on my pallet?

I wish I could remember where I saw a painting of people flying all over a page. If it was yours, please say so and thanks for the inspiration.

It has come late to my life that I can allow myself activity that has no specific purpose. The surprise is how many wonderful things have come from this. So many gifts...


Alison said...

Looks like you are really enjoying creating the pages of the journal.Fun to be able to just 'play'

GeezerD said...

Most excellent, Laura.

Notes From Pippi said...

I love it when you put up journal pages-you make the cutest people-and I don't mean just your kids.

femminismo said...

Laura, thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment on "what's in the books with novel titles?" stumped me. Do you mean the shelf of books from my visit to Tacoma? Those are just books with Henry James (which I bought) in the middle. I love your journal pages. They are so lively with color and sometimes the leftover colors are the best all done together. The flying people look like some of the Chagall paintings, where people floated and ended up in trees and on rooftops! I'll be back! - jeanne (femminismo)