Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just to keep blogging

It's so easy to lose track of my blogging. I'd say I don't know where the time goes, but I remember that time and place are made up. Time goes nowhere. But maybe here

and here!

I've entered my first art show and am full of impostor syndrome. If you are local, come on by. There will be lots of good art hanging around. (get it? "hanging" around?) I'll post photos of my entries soon. Right now they are on top of a shelf, ready to go.

Big news! Our place was Home of the Week in the LA Times last Sunday. If you have the Times you will find the article in the business section. Otherwise you can look here to read the article. Doesn't come with the photos they used, but if you have been looking at this blog you have seen plenty of pictures of the ranch.

"They" (when I was a child I thought "they" were Christ and the Apostles on my mother's plaque of the Last Supper.) say that the best ideas are the ones that make us uncomfortable. This quote made me VERY uncomfortable, but I think I get it now. Hope this does great things to you.


Alison said...

Hi Laura good luck with your entries in the art show.
Time sure does fly by and sometimes I wonder what I have actually accomplished in the time that seems to have disappeared

Notes From Pippi said...

You are an artist diguised as an artist. I like your little drawing with the quote from Rob.

Laura Bray said...

I'll be there to see your art hanging around!