Saturday, August 28, 2010

108 in the shade

Yep, that's what is was earlier this week. Thank the gods it's cooling down. Although they tell us more heat is coming. We should be grateful. This little heat wave is really the first of the year. Usually the entire August is Hot Hot Hot.

Because of these

we can run the air with impunity. AND send power back down the grid. These panels provide electricity for all of the buildings on the ranch for an annual bill that is less than our old monthly bill. If you haven't talked to someone about solar, look into it today.

Been doing some experimenting in the polka dot journal

This was inspired by a wonderful video of belly dancers.

And have made myself a new "painting practice journal" from an altered book.

I don't know who she is, but she sure looks like a sour puss!
I will practice face shading until I get it right!!!

These colors and shapes come from the ranch. The tenacity of life
in the midst of moisture sucking heat amazes me.

Tomorrow my daughter and I bring our art home from the Collage Show. Realizing that the things you imagine happen. And they come almost as a surprise. Wishing you all some lovely surprises.


femminismo said...

You have been busy! Congratulations. Hope the heat lasts only long enough - before patience for it runs out. Love your journal pictures. And I'm sure the young lady has good reason for being a sour puss. Looks like someone might have said something displeasing.

femminismo said...

Thanks for checking in! I still like your journal pictures/pages. Take good care!