Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feeling low, but making the best of it.

I don't think I ever posted this water color I did when we were in Catalina. But Katydiddy said I should make note cards of it. She may be biased, but I love her comments.

This is how I finally managed to feel after days of struggling with Fibro. It's so much better when I just give up and float.

I started this quite awhile ago and just finished up.

This is new, kind of dark and broken, like I've been feeling. Ready for some words.

BTW, the shadows on the left of these paintings are deliberate. It's how I feel, just coming out of the darkness.

I can't stop with the iPhone camera apps. The lovely Swan at Heart put me on to the Pano app. It is for panorama shots and this is the first one I did. Technically, a mistake. Artistically, I think it's fantastic!

This is what it's meant to do. Again, not perfect, but the effect really tickles me. This is where I play, paint, write, languish.

The light this time of year is so magical. I usually post afternoon golden images, but this one surprised me earlier in the day on the East side of the house. I love shadows.

It amazes me how much art can heal. If you know about Fibro, you know that during a flare your whole body can be zapping, vibrating, hurting, burning, fizzing. And there is no way to get comfortable. Doing this page led me to that magical place, out of time and space where I found some relief.

Another thing to be grateful for, Bougainvillea. Even this late in the year, so lovely. And right outside my den door.

The pool, late on a Fall afternoon. This was a few weeks ago when it was still warm enough to swim.

While I've been out of commission, many things that should have happened have not happened and I was struggling to be OK with that. Then, Dispatch From LA brought me just the message I needed to hear. It's so good I have to repost it here. "The cracks. They are big. Sometimes people (things) fall through." Just reading this made all of my angst disappear. Thanks Mary Ann!


Notes From Pippi said...

Beautiful pictures and art. "The Sun will come out, tomorrow..." See you in the a.m. ~love

Cindy said...

Beautiful pics - how I miss Bougainvillea! And the photo of the door would make a lovely art print.

I, too, have fibromyalgia. Some days can be so difficult. It is inspiring that even in the pain and mental fog of fibro you can still create beauty.