Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer at Trail's End

Thanks to all my friends and family for the nudging to post!!!!

We have been keeping cool thanks to our solar panels. We run the air night and day and have the satisfaction of sending even more power back down the grid. You are welcome.

In August, I will perform my first wedding. Yep, you read that right. I have attended several weddings officiated by what I call "Yellow Page Ministers" and I always thought how wonderful it would be to do this. After much procrastinating and with much urging from friends, I got what I need in the State of California to perform legal weddings. I am excited and have a few butterflies, this being the first and the fact that it is for good friends. Wish the beautiful couple all the best which means wish that I will do as good a job as I want to!

The day after this great affair, I am off to Roanoake Va. to attend a sculpture class with the most talented and gracious Cheryl Dolby. Take a peek here at her lovely blog and click on the side for a look at her Faces Sculpture Classl. You WILL be jealous.

Several months back, I went to Malibu for a class with another art goddess, Judy Wise and I have been working in the journal I started there. It is a bigger book than I usually make and I am getting used to having more page to work on. Here are several examples in various stages of completion.

Any thing you read on my pages are the seeds, the embryos of poems. I go back into my journal for writing prompts. It seems that the drawing inspires the writing, never the other way around. For me, that is. How about you?

Then there is the doodling! I have evolved and learned to love my doodles enough to move from scrap paper to painted journal pages.

And, the iPhone camera is still my pal. Always there, in my pocket, ready to get as excited about an image as I am when we happen on one.

See, the iPhone camera and I are still clicking away at 2 A.M.

Let's just say "several" years ago I delivered my first baby. How could I have known that gifts like this would be showered upon me from then on?

Lovely Laura demonstrates what the Husband calls the Recessive Sewing Gene. Actually, it just skipped a generation. My grandmother sewed up a storm and my mom spent her time at the machine. This lovely case, which makes carrying your favorite drawing instruments so convenient,

is actually a little quilt. Two of the strips are my journal pages that Laura printed on fabric.

This whole thing just touches my heart. It's not even my birthday or anything! A JUST BECAUSE present...Thank you little Katie!

This photo captures one of those moments that remind me that I am on an incredible journey of discovery. This guy would not budge. We tapped his tail, etc. He would just look at us. Click to enlarge and take a look at that face! He did not seem injured and moved on of his own accord later. Here is Spirit Come to Take a Look, as my old friend Martha Lou used to say.


Jennifer said...

You are so talented, and I'm not just saying that. I really enjoy looking at your art and pictures and reading what you have to say. Love you. Love the doodle art pages especially!

Laura Bray said...

I liked the doodle pages too. And your first-born is so sweet and talented. Ha! I'm glad you like the gift. I enjoyed making it for you.

Cindy said...

You've been busy! I love the drawing case that Laura mad for you.