Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Morning At The Pier

La Galette Creperie, located across the street from the San Clemente Pier, is the latest   discovery of great places to eat in our new neighborhood. Scrambled eggs, nice and moist, ham and swiss all wrapped up in a lovely crepe and topped with béchamel, devoured at a small metal table on the sidewalk looking at the ocean. Sigh. It was a good morning.

We have been so busy "moving to the beach" we have not taken enough time to "enjoy the beach!" That simply must change.

We walked off that béchamel by crossing the street and train tracks and walking to end of the very long San Clemente Pier. Come on along.

I wish I had my good camera, this does not do him justice.

                                                I LOVE PANO

Who is the guy with the white sox?

Pedestrian tunnel under the tracks


                             Just about long enough to make up for breakfast.


Here's what I'm thinking: Gratitude for a great morning and someone to share it with.

P.S. Someone (you know who you are) should be California Dreaming right about now.


Healing Woman said...

Probably me..Yes..oh how I love the ocean! That restaurant, right down by the sea..I'm sure you could hear the waves and smell the ocean as you partook of that fabulous breakfast. Ahhhhh life is good, right Laura?

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful shots. It was wonderful to see San Clemente-- the first place I visited in CA before I moved here 15 years ago!