Saturday, February 23, 2013


Things are starting to feel like home here. When we moved to So Cal some 30 years ago we found a house and lifestyle that we stayed in for 18 years. Then we moved to the ranch which was only 6 miles away, door to door. Same neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, doctors and, maybe most important of all, same friends. We enjoyed our 14 years in the wilds and have now been "at the beach" for 6 months. This move was, however, a much bigger deal. Maybe even bigger than moving from Ohio. Young kids really direct your life as did the jobs we had. We quickly found our way and it seemed no time at all and our lives were up and running.  We delight at the visits and lasting friendships with the people who have become so important to us in the past 30 years. I treasure these friends and hope to always have them in my life but the reality is that day to day contact is difficult to maintain with everyone's busy schedules. Even on the level of family, things have changed. While we enjoy seeing much more of the kids to whom we are now closer, we miss the regular contact we had with the kids who live closer to the ranch. But it is important to me to maintain a life that does not burden my children with the responsibility of keeping me company and entertained!

Coming here, just the two of us, just out of reach of our old connections has required conscious effort to get established. And we are! Finding our favorite places to eat and shop, got new docs and making new friends. The husband has joined a service club and I have found some of my people at a the delightful painting class I've blogged about recently. These talented people who taught me the finer points of painting, mandalas and thankga, allowed me to share my messy world of art journaling with them. Here is what a day of wild mind journaling with them led me to.



Now, thanks to my daughter's introduction and my own gutsy butting into a conversation I overheard in a restaurant, I have new writing pals who I recognize as more of my people. After all, a woman does not live on comfortable houses and fantastic views alone! There will surely be many posts about these creative folks and the amazing things I know I will learn from them.

I am even using the range and ovens in this place! Yes, I am cooking a bit, which is a bit more than I have been cooking lately. The cold rainy days of winter have brought out the soup maker in me.

My creation, Chicken Vegetable Tortellini Soup

I really miss the wildlife at the ranch, but am finding new connections to the beasties as well. I have always loved pelicans and, while I cannot enjoy them from the house, I look for them at the beach. Click on this photo to get a look at this beauty.

 And there is plenty of this 

and this 
to be enjoyed simply by making a stop on the way from one errand to another. I like that a lot.

So, here's what I'm thinking; Blooming where you are planted is clearly a choice. Seems I have learned that Life is game best enjoyed from the field, not the bleachers. If I wear my heart on my sleeve, I will be recognized by kindred spirits.  And, note to self, never ever take the abundance and gifts of all that is holy for granted!


Healing Woman said...

I simply love the lace hand in your journal page. Great idea and beautifully executed Laura.

Now your kids have a great place to visit-who could resist your cooking and the ocean view!!!

love and hugs,

Caatje said...

Lovely journal pages and pictures of what looks like a beautiful place to live. It always takes time to find ones footing in a new place, no matter where it is. Taking that time is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. I'm happy for you that you found some kindred spirits! And...I wish we had pelicans over here!