Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This creature is growing in my, I use the term loosely, yard.

I love the usual orange Bird of Paradise that grows all over out here. But THIS is something else. These plants are huge, 10' maybe, and the blooms are also very large. The Humming Birds love them, they are sticky with nectar. They look purple in this photo but they look black and white in person. Can't stop looking at them. Who knows what they are?

Friday, July 19, 2013

A gift!

So many things can be a gift and the best ones are the surprises. The other day the Husband brought home the mail from our old box and there was a copy of the Summer edition of Art Journaling Magazine from Stampington & Company. They have so graciously published my work several times in the past 2 years and always send a copy of the issue my work appeared in. But I have not   sent anything in many months. Opened the envelope to find the customary note that says "Congratulations, you've been published". And sure enough, there is a blurb on techniques showing the journal page that they actually used for the cover of a previous issue. I was especially happy because that is one of my favorite images.

I am always thrilled to be included in their publications. They are, in themselves, works of art. An honor to be included among such talented artists. So, get yourself a copy. It is filled with techniques, ideas and eye candy.

Here's what I'm thinking; I need to remember that my intentions, my work and my path are always supported. I am grateful. I just have to pay attention and check the mail more often!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baltimore Catechism

 Q. What is a Sacrament?
A. A Sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.
Q. What grace do the Sacraments give?
A. Some of the Sacraments give sanctifying grace, and others increase it in our souls.

My Sacrament.

This is how I
sprinkle water, 
confess impure thoughts, 
break bread, 
speak truth,
pledge troth, 
consecrate effort 
and face eternity.

no threats of exclusion
no special rooms
no golden cups,
no slapped cheeks, 
no binding,
no impossible promises,
no threat of damnation.

This is how I
bring myself to grace, 
forgive my faults,
consume what is holy,
take a stand, 
give myself,
minister as I feel called, 
and this is how I pray to pass,

with a smooth gliding pen 
and a painted page to inscribe.

lm 7/8/2013