Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Friends Indeed!

As I have reported, we are making new friends in our new town. And what friends we have made indeed! After a few outings and dinners we feel very connected to Lee and Dena. They arrived for dinner at our house (yes, I cooked!!!) with the most unforgettable hostess gift ever. Lee walked in toting a large potted plant with a cocooned monarch butterfly hanging from a leaf.

They plant milkweed in their yard to attract a non-migrating costal monarch butterfly. They have enjoyed several seasons of watching the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis to repeat the cycle of life again and again. And they brought an entire plant from their yard so that we could share the miracle on our deck. Dena told us what to look for and offered countless tips on midwifing!

I checked this baby several times a day

The gold spots are incredible. They look like jewels.

                                  Then, one morning, there are the unmistakable wings

                            Next day, white spots, no doubt about what's growing in here
                                 So, after days of faithful watching, I missed it emerging
                                 but here she is, still damp and weak

Wow! She is out of the pot. Flexing wings, waving legs around, doing push ups
                          And there she goes. First flight to the rail, then onto the wild blue
                          my spirit soaring with her. Beautiful. A priceless gift from special

Here's what I'm thinking. A little piece I wrote a few years ago;

The potential of the butterfly
motivates every caterpillar
and the wisdom and patience
of the caterpillar must be honored
by every butterfly.