Monday, September 9, 2013

Ahoy! Tall Ships in the harbor

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Tall Ships Festival. I wish we had seen them under sail in the afternoon. The harbor is visible from our deck so we had hoped to see them from home when they set out for their sunset sail but the marine layer was galloping in. They looked like ghost ships out there and my camera was just not up to the job of capturing this spectacle. By the way, there was no fee to park or enter this festival. If you wanted to tour the ships you needed a ticket, but you could see them up close from the dock. I found this refreshing. The food booths were highway robbery, but there were no restrictions on bringing in your own food. Good news for families, and there were plenty of those there picnicking and having fun.

The photos I did get were not what I was hoping for but given the size of these ships and the crowds of people to work around...well, see for yourself.

It's sort of like Ren Fair meets the ocean. I have some cute photos of some 18 something year olds who were waiting for the shuttle with us. All decked out in pirate and wench wear and willing to pose for me. I do not, however, have their permission so I don't feel right about posting their darling faces.

Here's another good thing about our outing. I walked all over! Fibro be damned! And I am grateful.

Here's what I'm thinking: The world is filled with things to see, do and think about. All you have to do is step out of your door. The world is filled with funny, warm, friendly people. All you have to do is open your heart.