Thursday, October 3, 2013

A funky day

so my thoughts are going places not usually visited. For whatever reasons, I scrolled back through my photos and came upon these; some of my first attempts at mixed media art.

 I made stencils

I sketched daily

I collaged with my photos

Made tags

Collaged with found images

Combined painting and photos

Altered my photos

And combined my drawing with collage.

I was on fire. I had discovered something that really was just what the doctor had ordered, but I was still working and had to squeeze this in when I could. And guess what I realized? I think I did MORE art when I had LESS time! What's up with that? (a very dangerous questions at times like these).

Not feeling up to par today. Too much introspection disguised as resting.

Here's what I'm thinking: Good thing I have a dinner date with a granddaughter to snap me out of this.


Judith Westerfield said...

These are wonderful. Bold and graphic. Thank you for the inspiration!

Healing Woman said...

Love them all. I can't remember now what our synchronism was for the Dove Keeper collage..I know it inclued Ray Bradbury but can't remember it-please refresh me oh great memory keeper.

Have fun with your dinner will snap you out of anything and sometimes snap you into something else Laura-watch out!