Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has sprung...

at least here in SoCal! It's 60's and 70's, foggy and cloudy, but when the sun does peek out it's fabulous!

Been keeping busy with the new adventures.

 Remember this?

Several weeks ago, the amazing Charlotte Backman, my painting guru, invited a Tibetian Monk to teach us to paint these amazing works? Well, I began to think of my piece as the never-ending painting.

But, at last, I see progress. I have been working on it but not really seeing progress until yesterday!

I think I may actually finish. I have never made anything this complex. Working on this has taught me a lot about painting and about my self.

I have also been enjoying the company of my new writing friends. Something is really going on with me these days and I am creating up a storm. Here are a few recent works.

The Answers
are not
in the moment.

shuns the 

Fashionably late
Clarity arrives
the day after.

lm 2/2013

Mourning Brew

I find you 
in the coffee
I am spooning 
into the pot
it is an electric coffee maker
not a stove-top percolator
and you are a memory
not a strong hug
and dancing eyes.
lm 3/201


Riding heavy and low
in the blue-black sky,
the midnight moon marks 
the estrus of shadow.

Close your eyes,
open your mind.
Breath in the
fecundity of the night.

So often the beautiful
and promising Dark
is faulted for the weakness
of those with no imagination.

The ones gifted with the magic
see the nocturnal plane 
resplendent with cardinal life; 
feral, timeless and powerful.

Here, the ancient lovers, 
Yin and Yang, who dare merely flirt 
beneath the sun, dance wildly 
to surrender in impassioned embrace.

The conjurers greet
the blinding, rising sun
as spirits renewed,
winking at the hubris of the day.


Red Sky at Morning

The sunrise
was red and gold
this morning.
A sign to beware 
the day’s foul weather.

I read your words
this morning and
I wondered if they 
were a warning 
of stormy hours ahead.

lm 2/2013

In keeping with the "make new friends but keep the old" theme from last post, I had the most wonderful time with my old Wranch Writers who so kindly took a road trip to have a meeting here. After the usual invigorating sharing and critiquing of our work we headed to a San Clemente favorite for a hearty Italian feast.

I actually have made myself a plan for three writing projects and I think I might even DO them! Well, one of them at least. The short one! More on that later.

And, the other day I listened to As My Guitar Sadly Weeps and felt very sad to see my old gal sitting dusty and alone in the corner. I don't even think I can play anymore. But what if I could. What if I got out one of those old books and just picked around, so to speak?

Just got this page painted. Thinking the sentiment is where I am hanging out.

Here's what I'm thinking. Am I weird or do you like to look into your house from outside? It's like seeing the room for the first time, every time. I think that's because it's a metaphor for looking at myself from the outside once in awhile.
Everything looks different, I notice things I do not realize when I'm in there.
I think that's what I'm doing these days. Looking in instead of out. Interesting view!