Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Remodeling Experiment Continues

Hello Writerly Pals!

Here is the first, of which will likely be millions, of updates and suggestions for sharing this space.

1.  If this is your first time hearing about this grand scheme of mine, go to my previous post for a catch up

2.  If you have a question ask it in Comments

3.  On the left hand side of the page, 3/4 down, you will see a place to choose your identity on the blog. If you don't choose, you will be anonymous, I won't know who is commenting or putting up a poem. I will be notified whenever someone comments. It is also possible to tie this blog to post a Facebook notice whenever there is activity here. I am not sure we will EVER want that to happen. Each writer will be free to decide where their work is seen. But always put your name and the date at the end of your poems, just in case.

4. Because I am experimenting, please do not direct others to this blog without checking with me. Eeek, I hate the exclusive sound of that, but I think caution is important to experiments! AND my name and reputation are flying top of the pole here.

5. Lets keep the conversation about the experiment here unless it is 1-on-1 sensitive or you miss me and just want to email gab.

6. Let's always keep this place for poetry and literary discussion.  If you look at that 3/4 down left I mentioned in #3, you will see you can choose to make you email available to other participants so we can chat with each other out of the blog.

7.  Remember, this is an experiment. I cannot guarantee, at this point, that your poetry and shared info will remain private.



Ok, Paula Shaffer (Robertson) here experimenting. Did it work?

Laura said...

Laura to Paula! No post. Did you hit the orange Publish spot and prove you are not a robot?

Don't dispare. I am looking at alternatives. Looking into a website, but worried about the care they require. I don't want a JOB. Or a Facebook page but I know a lot of people who did not have a good experience with those. I've got my Pitbull mouth around this and I'm not giving up yet!

So much good stuff my pals turn out. This morning was a perfect example.


Unknown said...

Mary Ann Payne here -- Still can't find any button on the left side to push except for something that tells me I can start a blog. Good idea, but I'm afraid there are still a few bugs.

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