Sunday, October 14, 2007

...and a child shall lead them

Last Friday, my 6 year old granddaughter was feeling a bit too poorly to go to school so she spent the day with Nana. We painted, of course, and I got to experimenting with some techniques I've heard of. What I think looks like a stained glass goddess window and the wonderful bunnies and are acrylic paint versions of Sandra Evertson's ( ink blot techniques. The kind of crazy orange watercolor is the result of using a straw and blowing paint around. This will make a great journal page background. Watch for further developments. I have some ideas for all of them. I've already made transparencies of the goddess. I also have 2 other of the paint blot variety that are not much, taken as a whole, but I realized I have some great wings.

Friday evening I attended a seminar on finding your soul's purpose. Among other things, the facilitator spoke of "giving" yourself a breath instead of "taking" a breath. Think of all of the times we say we are "taking" something and substitute we are "giving" ourselves those things. From this day forward, I am not taking time for art which, for me, includes writing. I'm giving myself time for art of all kinds. This just feels good and peaceful to me. Ok, now I really need to add to my journal. Get ready, get set, ART!

By the way, sorry for not having a link to Sandra. I've got the picture uploading working, but I am having a real time with the linking thingamajig. I'm working on it.


Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, I LOVE these!
It does look like stained glass, it's funny how each one comes out so completely different!
Beautiful work!
Sandra Evertson

Michelle said...

This is so nice! I'll have to try it with Dyllan! Thanks for the tip!
I'm having a demo party on my blog now, hope you can come and play!

Michelle said...

Thanks for leaving me a nice comment on my 100th post! e-mail me your address, I'd like to send you a treat!