Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've been incubating and fermenting quite an array of ideas, beliefs and conundrums of late. Seems I am living more of an internal life the past few weeks.

This is my photo of a mysterious old greenhouse that was on the property when we bought it. Sad to say, we lost it in the fire. I used to wonder about all of the things that came to life inside of it's glass walls. I'm sure many of the plants now growing wild around here took root in tiny pots carefully started and nurtured by someone long gone but still so vitally present every where I look.

Anam Cara

I have been to the place

where you sleep.

I have seen you at rest

in that land. Your bed

a bower amongst the briars.

And I long to lay my simple pallet

beside you and dream your

sweet dreams, breathe your peace.



Invisibility drives the chameleon’s change,

not the need to impress or entertain,

not the need of change for change’s sake.

Invisibility prevents being eaten.


Night Walker

After a restless night

wandering the dark house,

lonely in my wakefulness, I arrive,

shivering in my night clothes,

at the dawn of never.


The Best Defense

Confidence is the best defense

when confronted by a snarling dog.

The maddest beast will respect

a command to sit, to down

if it issues from a tongue that’s sure,

a back that’s straight and an eye

that finds it’s mark and holds it.


I am off to katydiddy's Embroidery Bee for some relaxation and fun. If you live near Orange County California put one of these sessions on your schedule.

I am going to try to remember to take some time for "inside" in the midst of this Holiday Season which seems to be all about "outside". Join me?