Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lessons From Trails End


There's a serpent in the garden
at one with the tall grass
An unknown but knowing danger
to the dreamer stumbling past


I see the bees, I feel the breeze
I hear woodpecker rat-a-tat
Sun light glistens on spider's web
I know that I am that


Oh legless rattling majesty
brag of the rats and mice you spare me
Dine freely on undermining ground squirrels
but I beg you
tell me not of the bunnies


Welcome to yet another attempt to get back to my blog! It seems a good time to try again because I have news to share.  First, I want to thank everyone who helped my book, Chopping Wood/Carrying Water, 

have such a successful first two years. Sales have been good, but best of all the poems have been well received. There are still books left from the second printing at

My next project is Lessons From Trails End (working title) which I had planned to launch over a year ago.  It is still being written. All of the poems will be about the ranch or things written during the 14 years we lived there. My Dad was slowly slipping from his ravaged body during the last 4 years we were there and being able to come home to such a beautiful refuge was a comfort.

I hope you can be patient with me. So much about Blogger has changed since I was a faithful writer!  I am looking forward to reconnecting with previous followers and connecting with new readers. The look of the blog will also likely change because I (aren't we all)  am a changed person in a changed experience.

Here's what I'm thinking: Past success means nothing if I am not willing to start everyday new.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Let's try this again.

 I miss blogging, I miss all of you who ask me to get back here!

Here's what I'm thinking:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chopping Wood Carrying Water is here NOW!

A friend messaged me this morning that she and her friend spent last evening reading to each other from my book. I replied that I got a funny feeling thinking of the the two of them doing that. She replied that it made them feel stuff too.  I wrote this:

Poetry  noun: words that make you feel stuff.
             verb: when people you love tell you
             they read your stuff out loud to each other

Thanks to my Laura Bray, you can scroll down to the BUY NOW button and have a signed copy delivered to your door!  Or so goes the plan. Leave a comment when you order so I can track this and be sure there are no bugs.

OMG. I am so excited!  Thanks for being part of this amazing adventure.

Monday, August 10, 2015

the good thing about a blog...

…is that it will always be there, waiting patiently for your return.

I have not been idle while I've been away. I have been journaling with a group of very talented people under the leadership of the accomplished teacher and author Mary Ann Easley, leading a weekly journaling workshop for the patients of a local therapist, writing a bit for  South Coast Magazine, volunteering here and there, working on that poetry book that has been in process for years, painting mandala's with the magical artist Charlotte Backman, making new friends and keeping the old (some of whom have been wonderful house guests), going to seminars and classes, enjoying time with our growing family. Still throwing paint and making journals. I have also had occasion to be sad, within a two week period we lost both of our old dogs from unrelated causes. I miss them but have moved on to that place where we enjoy the memories. We love living near the ocean and feel like we have landed.

I tend to post more on Facebook (you can see our new Granddaughter over there) but am motivated (right now at least) to return to my blog as well.

And here is a final bit of fun. I have been trying to write as much and as often as I can. Poetry yes, but whatever pops into my head. Sort of like doodling but with writing.  Here is the latest:

 The door opened to the left. I stood with my left hand on the knob and steadied my fearful trembling by putting my right forearm on the jamb.  I was afraid that when I opened that door I would see it, upended on top of my desk or heaved dangerously onto one of the big leather side chairs, the jagged edges of it's rusting metal valves digging into the fine upholstery.

If they've been in there, if they have manhandled it, I am in serious trouble, I thought to myself, or so I thought I'd thought. I only realized I'd said it out loud when from behind me in the dark hall I heard him say, "Serious trouble? My dear if they have been in there, throwing it carelessly about, we are all seriously f**ked!" lm/8-2012

Here's what I'm thinking. If I keep heart and mind and arms open long enough, the most amazing people, experiences and things find their way in!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bye Bye Summer. It's been fun!

Wow, the days fly. We have had wonderful house guests, continue to meet the people in our new community, find meaningful ways to contribute, cruised the Rhine and Mosel Rivers, participated in a week long poetry workshop in the mountains and more.

Now, I am working on pulling poems together for a book. I have an angel who wants badly to see this work in print. He is always supportive, encouraging, appreciative and pushy! The best part of this is, he's The Husband. Believe me, I know how very lucky I am.

Compiling a book is harder than I ever imagined.  I swing wildly from being proud and excited to hating everything I have ever written. I hear old voices in my head asking, just who do you think you are, missy? A lovely poetess in one of my sessions in the mountains probably gave me the best advice. She insisted that I just need to get some poems between two covers and printed. If she told me once she told me 20 times to JUST DO IT. So that's the frame of mind I am in today. I'm just gonna do it!

Here's one that speaks to it's own creation.

The little one at the bottom right is about another thingie. So many thingies I have. So many poems about all my thingies. Maybe that should be the title of the book, Thingies.

Sketchbook Madness from the River Cruise

Of course the old church is NOT listing nor is it sitting ON TOP of the bushes. Otherwise, it looks exactly like it! Yeah…I am happy with the sky.

Still a work in progress. Years ago, I sketched every day and was amazed how much I improved. Then I stopped and was amazed how quickly it all turned to worms! I'm back to a sketch a day. Obviously still have ground to regain. I have also discovered that I love water colors. I used to be strictly acrylics. 

Here is the cover for a small art book I am working on. The paper will be hand painted then about 16 of my small poems will be hand printed on to the pages. I have finally figured out how I will bind it. My original plan, lets just say, fell apart. I am all excited about this. It successfully keeps me from working on the other book! Don't tell The Husband. 

Here are some new cards

A day at the beach is still high on my list of things to be grateful for. I was reminded how generous the randomness of life is when this gull flew right into my view finder just as I hit the shutter.

And the days end in peace and beauty. I just have to remember to LOOK!

As Whitman said, Do I repeat myself? Very well then, I repeat myself. 

Here's what I'm thinking: Our dreams come true while we are preoccupied with the ordinary bits of life.  So, always keep those dreams playing in the background. Like elevator music. One day you will hear that crashing crescendo! 

(People have sent this to me several times on Facebook. I hope I'm OK publishing here.)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Long time no see!

I have missed blogging! But I am fired up and ready to make this part of my routine again. I have been Facebooking but realized that many of my blog followers are not Facebookers and I don't want to lose touch with these kindred souls. So, if you gave up on me, please come back!

The past few months have been full and a bit challenging. My mother's dementia quickly took her away from us and after weeks of emergency rooms, skilled nursing (I use the term loosely), and relocation to a wonderful board and care, she passed, peacefully in her sleep, on Feb. 2.

A beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. May she rest in peace.


Some of you will remember her from this previous post!


We are in the midst of serious drought here so this was a welcome site. I love rainy days. Even discovered there is a name for people who do.  Pluviophile.
I think it's because I grew up in Cleveland. Too much sunshine makes me edgy.

Then there was a wonderful mystery. This rug showed up at my doorstep. A friend said she was sending me a little present, so I assumed it was from her. I have to admit, when I opened it I was a bit surprised. No one ever sent me a rug before! But it wasn't from her. I didn't order it. The package was addressed to me from the distributer. Inquiries went no where. It looks great here in my art room. So, I'm grateful for unexpected gifts. Maybe my Mom sent it...

I have been complaining how much I miss the wildlife at the ranch. I got this amazing bird house last Mother's Day and I finally have birds coming to eat and chat! We even put out a little fountain we won at a charity auction for drinking and bathing. Life is good if you have birds at your door!  If you would like one of these very cool structures leave a comment and I'll put you in touch with the couple who makes them.
Still trying to get my little pals to sit still for a photo!

I have been writing and painting and sketching in my art journals. Those books are a great place to get your stuff worked out. Here is some of the art.

One of these days you will see the poetry. The husband, along with several others who so kindly encourage my writing, have finally convinced me to put together a book. It's more work than I imagined. Stay tuned.

After several intense months of pain and pleasure, here's what I'm thinking: