Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February already?

Here we are, rushing headlong to...well, somewhere! Life seems to be so fleeting, it's nice to know there are places that feel timeless. The photo above is of our beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. I never get tired of visiting this view.

I have been playing with my camera more than making paper art. Besides my new Canon, which I love so much, I have downloaded several apps for the camera on my phone. Some amazing stuff out there for little money: Toy Camera, TrueHDR, Camera Bag, just to name a few.

This is my guy Roy. He is the craziest dog I have ever had. I came very close to getting rid of him many times but could never bring myself to give up on him. Now I can't imagine living without him. No, Matt, he is still not for sale.

I have been exploring the shadows. Inside and out. Welcome to my kitchen.

Winter sunset, my favorite time of day. These were taken just before a wonderful dinner at Laguna Beach.

Here's to finding new in the same old places.