Monday, August 10, 2015

the good thing about a blog...

…is that it will always be there, waiting patiently for your return.

I have not been idle while I've been away. I have been journaling with a group of very talented people under the leadership of the accomplished teacher and author Mary Ann Easley, leading a weekly journaling workshop for the patients of a local therapist, writing a bit for  South Coast Magazine, volunteering here and there, working on that poetry book that has been in process for years, painting mandala's with the magical artist Charlotte Backman, making new friends and keeping the old (some of whom have been wonderful house guests), going to seminars and classes, enjoying time with our growing family. Still throwing paint and making journals. I have also had occasion to be sad, within a two week period we lost both of our old dogs from unrelated causes. I miss them but have moved on to that place where we enjoy the memories. We love living near the ocean and feel like we have landed.

I tend to post more on Facebook (you can see our new Granddaughter over there) but am motivated (right now at least) to return to my blog as well.

And here is a final bit of fun. I have been trying to write as much and as often as I can. Poetry yes, but whatever pops into my head. Sort of like doodling but with writing.  Here is the latest:

 The door opened to the left. I stood with my left hand on the knob and steadied my fearful trembling by putting my right forearm on the jamb.  I was afraid that when I opened that door I would see it, upended on top of my desk or heaved dangerously onto one of the big leather side chairs, the jagged edges of it's rusting metal valves digging into the fine upholstery.

If they've been in there, if they have manhandled it, I am in serious trouble, I thought to myself, or so I thought I'd thought. I only realized I'd said it out loud when from behind me in the dark hall I heard him say, "Serious trouble? My dear if they have been in there, throwing it carelessly about, we are all seriously f**ked!" lm/8-2012

Here's what I'm thinking. If I keep heart and mind and arms open long enough, the most amazing people, experiences and things find their way in!