Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I feel random

One moment relishing
the dumb and stilted comedy of curses,
blessings, redemption and damnation,
imploring the intervention of gods and goddesses,
longing for the deus ex machina.

The next moment, imploring
Cat-in-the-Hat to visit, to trick me
into turning my house upside down
and, in spite of my protestations,
to goad me into jumping on the furniture
and running wildly indoors.

Oh ye gods and goddesses,
you show me the righteous way
to blessings and peace.

Oh you Cat-in-the-Hat,
you cause me to tingle
with the delicious fear
of being caught.

lm 4/2010

Fruit of Your Mind

Pick it before it rots
before the birds ruin it
with their peck, peck, pecking.

By The Sweat of Your Brow

Heed the ancient formula;
be patient and diligent, thoughtful
and courageous.

Do as the seasons dictate;
plant, sow, tend, nurture,
harvest, and preserve.

Tend to the plowing, weeding
and the tilling.
Clear rocks and break sod.
Repeat your tasks as have those
who came before you.
Learn to tell weeds from crops.

Heed the ancient formula,
be patient and diligent, thoughtful
and courageous.
Learn to trust.

lm 4/2010

Playing with the iPhone, so many wonderful camera apps, scribbling a bit and thinking of all of you.