Monday, May 27, 2013

Ortega Hwy to Temecula Wine Country

Today was in the 70's and sunny; a perfect day for an adventure. We have not been doing as much exploring from our new base station here at the beach as we would like and decided to hit the road this afternoon.

Temecula California has become a contender in the Wine Country game and while we have cruised through the area, we have never visited the wineries. We chose the scenic route, a twisty 2 lane road that winds through the Santiago mountains. Just the thing to cure our longing for the kind of scenery we were so used to at the ranch.

                                      Heading out on Ortega Highway

I love the variety of formations in the California mountains. And the guy driving is OK too!

Lake Elsinore 

Temecula Wine Country

Temecula wine! 
Got 2 tastings at Thornton Winery, A Taste of Chocolate (heavenly) and one I'd never heard of before, Nebbiolo (not bad, not remarkable).

Brie in pastry with candied walnuts and honey glaze. Lucky husband, got to eat all the walnuts. I am suddenly allergic to them!

Where the magic happens. I love this photo, trees all leaning to the right, near vertical
rows of grapes and horizontal utility lines.

Lake Elsinore on the way home. It's a pretty big lake and I wanted a better shot than I got on the way out. We stopped at a lookout and I got out of the car. The wind was crazy blowing and the dirt was flying. I still have sand in my hair! I feared for my camera lens so this is all I got.

Back on the beautiful Ortega. It looks so much
 like the drive up to the ranch. 

I took about 20 rapid fire shots of Old Glory billowing in the breeze to get this image. I thought it appropriate for Memorial Day.

Here's what I'm thinking: A beautiful day like today feeds my soul, reminds me how much I care for my partner of 48 years, inspires me to count my blessings and reminds me how beautiful this country is. 

Watching Old Glory dancing in the wind I found myself choking up. Thinking of everything that flag has seen in her more than 200 years, I decided to hang onto my faith in my fellow Americans. Long may she wave over a land of peace, prosperity, freedom and justice for all