Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Camera fun

It never occurred to me that I would enjoy taking photos except for the awful compositions I attempted on family vacations and the kids birthday parties. Now, I am constantly amazed and entertained by the camera on my iPhone. That Steve Jobs is a genius and I consider myself a photographer!

The apps just keep commimg and iPhone Hipstamatic is one of the best.

Then, of course, there is just the old fashioned iPhone camera with a sepia setting and the photo ops that abound on this old ranch.

And then we get around to Photo Booth on the Mac, Magic Trick, and waaaayyy too much time on my hands.

Here's what I'm thinking about today:

"I am interested in how the wild beast lives in the jungle, not in the zoo". Morton Feldman
What's on your mind?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another trip around the sun

For the first time in months, I took a ranch ramble with my big girl camera. It is such a beautiful day and the light is magical. Here is a bit of what I enjoyed.

This is the first Periwinkle of the season. These are so beautiful and hearty. We have them all over the place.

The neighbors stopped by. I'm pretty sure this is a big and little sister enjoying the tender new grass.

There are certain places that I always get orbs in my photos. Today they came in beautiful colors.

And of course, no ramble is complete without a visit to the horses.

A day is so much more beautiful when you share it with your friends.

Now, for a complete change of pace.

Without realizing it, I'm off on something new.

I'm not usually big on making resolutions or any conscious changes in my life. They just sort of happen. Because I've had more days of feeling a bit off than usual, I've started journaling with a pen in a store bought (gasp!) blank book. Much easier when lying in a recliner than trying to cut and paste and paint. My poems have always had their seed in my journals, so that hasn't changed, but I've tried to discipline myself (OK, stop laughing) to do a sketch a day, (or at least more than I have been) and I see improvement in my infant ability.

This is a sketch of a corner of my den.

This is inspired by an ad I saw in the N.Y. Times.

Doing abstracts is one of the most calming and centering things I have ever experienced. Combine that with the fact that I was obsessed with the recent mass bird deaths in Arkansas and it turned into an afternoon of magic. I am also obsessed with the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Over the years I have used this as a starting point for speeches and several pieces of art.

This was inspired by something the beautiful Judy Wise said in one of her blog posts. I am signed up for her class in SoCal in March and I cannot wait to sit at her knee for two days on the beautiful sands of Malibu.

Can you stand just a bit more? With these two final offerings, I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011. I'm going to try to remember what is real and what is rhetoric this year, I'm going to look out for wolfs in sheep's clothing, I'm going to run my own mind lest someone else try to run it for me. I'm going to try more new things, as additions not replacements. And I'm going to be thankful for the opportunity to bear my soul here and be grateful for the gems you share with me.