Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lessons From Trails End


There's a serpent in the garden
at one with the tall grass
An unknown but knowing danger
to the dreamer stumbling past


I see the bees, I feel the breeze
I hear woodpecker rat-a-tat
Sun light glistens on spider's web
I know that I am that


Oh legless rattling majesty
brag of the rats and mice you spare me
Dine freely on undermining ground squirrels
but I beg you
tell me not of the bunnies


Welcome to yet another attempt to get back to my blog! It seems a good time to try again because I have news to share.  First, I want to thank everyone who helped my book, Chopping Wood/Carrying Water, 

have such a successful first two years. Sales have been good, but best of all the poems have been well received. There are still books left from the second printing at

My next project is Lessons From Trails End (working title) which I had planned to launch over a year ago.  It is still being written. All of the poems will be about the ranch or things written during the 14 years we lived there. My Dad was slowly slipping from his ravaged body during the last 4 years we were there and being able to come home to such a beautiful refuge was a comfort.

I hope you can be patient with me. So much about Blogger has changed since I was a faithful writer!  I am looking forward to reconnecting with previous followers and connecting with new readers. The look of the blog will also likely change because I (aren't we all)  am a changed person in a changed experience.

Here's what I'm thinking: Past success means nothing if I am not willing to start everyday new.

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