Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't pay the ransom, I've escaped!

Christmas was lovely, here at Trails End. All the mom's will relate when I say how happy I was to have all of my family around the table. Ahhh, life can be so good!

Due to these crazy holidays, and some wonderful babysitting days, I have not done a lick of art. My husband surprised me with many art supplies so I am eager to get painting pasting again.

In the meantime, just to put a bit of color on these pages and to share some camera fun I've had, I'm posting a little bit of "the ranch". I want you all to realize that I use the term "ranch" with my tongue firmly in my cheek. This place used to be a working ranch, but not on our watch! We enjoy the peace and quiet and the lovely wilderness this has all become.

These are shots of the court yard at twilight. Those of you who live in So. Cal. will likely agree when I say that the light right at sunset can be magical.

I took these through the windshield driving on the ranch road on a rainy day. As I recall, several other bloggers also love to take pictures from the car.

I've been enjoying all of your Holiday posts and look forward to a great year of making art and sharing here. I can hardly explain to people I've known for years what this blogging thing means to me. And how much I enjoy all of you. OK, it's time to sign off. I'm getting all soppy.


Alison Gibbs said...

Laura, love the photos you have taken at 'The Ranch'. Ywilight is such a beautiful time of day. How wonderful for you to have the family at home for christmas.
Sometimes life gets too busy to do too much art. oh well, there is always next year. If it happens it happens - if not life will still go on. It's way much more fun to babysit when you are a grandma than to do art.
happy New Year.

Patience-please said...

happy New Year!

all the best-

katydiddy said...
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katydiddy said...

No fair blaming Liv & I for your lack of posts & arting!

Michelle said...

what a wonderful place you have. reminds me of my uncles place up north. Dyllan and I hope to visit you sometime with Laura and Olivia next year!

reinaswan said...

The Pictures are amazing. Can't wait to see the new art you do.