Thursday, January 3, 2008

Talk About Eye Candy!

Last week, my husband got a hankering to go to Pasadena and see the Rose Parade floats. We've been to the parade, but never to see the floats in dry dock. I was not expecting much, for some odd reason. I pictured a big parking lot with the floats, probably looking a bit tired by now, available for inspection.

Well, let's just say we are talking serious underestimation. It was great and even a bit overwhelming. First, you have to park about 1 mile away and hike in. Do not take this lightly, this is Pasadena of which we are speaking Pasadena with the big hills. We finally get through the gate and, WOW. At least 2 city streets are completely blocked off and the floats are lined up. So many people, so much color, form, so much everything! It was quite an event. I soon filled a memory card on the camera and was mighty glad that I'd brought a spare. The crowded conditions were the only thing that kept me from taking more photos. Although my husband and my mother were very patient with me and my camera, if I'd have been there alone I think I could have gotten some wonderfully weird shots of the crowd as well as the floats. I have art and journal images for days.

Keep in mind, every surface of every float must be covered with plant material; flowers, seeds, bark, moss, etc. The minute detail is amazing. And, they smell heavenly.

This is who I have become; I am over the moon because, thanks to my new adventures in art, I seem to "see" differently. And I most definitely enjoy differently. Just imagine, you are strolling through this 2.5 mile wonderland on a warm and sunny Southern California Winter day. Add a camera it's darn near perfect!


Patience-please said...

Even just the photos are breath taking. I can't even imagine it in person.
Thank you for sharing!

reinaswan said...

The Day of The Dead was my Favorite

katydiddy said...

Very good pics momma! I can't wait to see a journal page or two with these-hint, hint.

Michelle said...

how cool! I've always wanted to see those up close. Maybe next year!

One Love Photo said...

Just what I needed, some fun colorful photos of fabulous creations! I love your about me, it is so perfect.