Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter in So Cal

Trails End Ranch is in glorious winter bloom this evening. We've had enough rain to coax out the tender grass and we've got a lot of plants strutting their stuff this chilly, peaceful evening.

The big fire 4 years ago burned the ivy from our hillsides so we've replanted with Rosemary. It's taken off like crazy, enough that I wondered if we should rename the place Casa de Rosemary! Here's just a tiny peek at these light blue, yummy smelling clouds. For a time I couldn't figure out why I was always hungry for a roast of beef. Then I realized that one of our dogs loved to disappear into the Rosemary and always smelled of it.

Here I caught the setting sun through the bougainvillea.
These I don't know the name of, but I love them. This bush just blooms and blooms and I can see it from my den.
When I lived in Ohio, I prided myself on the jade plants that I managed to keep alive in the house. Out here, they grow like weeds. This monster is on the front veranda. I never realized that they bloom until I moved here.

The green under the palms is a winter treat. As soon as the rains stop, this is all bare decomposed granite.

This patch of Lantana was also planted after the fire. This was filled with huge antique roses which burned to ash. They climbed up the wood posts and one of the reasons I am sure our house was saved by intervention of the divine is that there was not even soot on the posts.
I love sweet little Lantana. It looks so old fashioned.
I liked the way the setting sun put a glow on this Geranium.
And those old show off's, Bird of Paradise, are also doing their thing.
Here is one of those shots I love to play with. We are looking into the den from outside. You can see my favorite peacock lamp. I saw this in a catalog and wished for it. Seems my husband is more attentive than I ever suspected! It showed up under the tree last Christmas.
This shot of a gate motivates me to share a poem I wrote about the ranch awhile back.

The Constant

The grass on the pasture is high.
The ponies have eaten the wildflowers.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

The jet stream has slipped.
Weeds crackle the warning of fire.
Come back in awhle
and see if things have changed.

The draft horse’s hooves are thick.
He limps from trough to trough.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

Rust has eaten the last molecule of iron.
The corral gate hangs askew.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

Squirrel has moved the roof tiles.
Mouse is breeding in the attic.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

The last laugh line has joined a wrinkle.
A head is two hairs grayer.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

Each day the sun rises over
Houses, hills and hearts.
Come back in awhile
and see if things have changed.

lm 5/2006

Thanks for sitting with me for awhile. I have several painting and pasting projects in the works and I've been writing quite a bit lately. Now I find that, more and more, I'm itching to poke around with my little Canon. So much fun, so little time.

P.S. Katydiddy honored me with an award last week. I am truly flattered and grateful. I don't think she did this just cause I'm her Mom, do you? I mean, I already promised to babysit, no bribes are necessary. I think she really likes me!

Stay tuned, I'll be passing it on next week.


Patience-please said...

Oh it is all so lovely! Your poem and the photos. It's 17 degrees here, and my brave, three year old rosemary has succombed, I fear. Enjoy your warmth just a little extra for me, please.

all the (freezing) best-

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Laura you home is just beautiful. The rosemary is so pretty and smells so good.
I think Laura gave you that award just to make sure she gets an extra babysitting gig out of you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think this empty nest is going to be too quiet for me.

reinaswan said...

What Beauty.

katydiddy said...

I love the light. What time did you take those pictures at? Geesh! Now I'm being accused of bribing you for babysitting? PLEASE! You should be bribing me to let you spend more time with that adorable baby! (Although, I don't want to sound ungrateful-I appreciate the help.)

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful photos!
Sandra Evertson