Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Last week Katydiddy's Laura gave me the You Make My Day Award. It's nice to think our blogging can bring pleasure to others. So many of the blogs are entertaining, inspiring and just plain old fun it is hard to decide which will be the ones to pass this award on to. But decide I must and decide I have. To the following, I just want to say "YOU MAKE MY DAY!"Dispatch From LA, all that crazy stenciling, great photos and wonderful links.
Patience-Please, that doggie loving woman who has quite a way with words.
Judy Wise, offering art and words that I take to heart. I learn a lot here.
joyouslybecoming, such beautiful and tender words, art and photos.
Sandra Evertson, an inspiration and a generous teacher.
Days Missed on a Hammock, a visit here is definitely like being asked in for tea.
Creative Arts and Crafts, by wonderful Alison who always takes the time to let you know she's there with you.
Faerie*Dust*Dreams where Michelle always has something new for us.

I'm also going to pass this onto Randi, who started me on this whole thing. She is the accomplished artist who, I say in my bio, told me I could draw then taught me to make journals. Once upon a time, I could have had many art days with her. Now she's moved and I regret lost opportunities.

Now, I going to make some art!


Alison Gibbs said...

Laura congratulations on the award. Love reading your blog.
Take care.

Judy Wise said...

OMG, I can't believe it. I was just here visiting and now this! Thank you, Laura. Your place looks so beautiful, esp. the Birds of Paradise. And we have an overgrowth of Rosemary too but in my case it makes me hungry for pork chops. That's the way my DH always makes them. Yum! Thank you for the award. xoxo

Alison Gibbs said...

Laura, thank you for the award. I left my first message before you finished putting in your links etc.Sometimes playing in Blogland is a bit of a Brain Drain.
Thanks again.

katie said...

thank you, sweet laura, for the award, i'm honored. i love coming here to visit...


Patience-please said...

Thank you, Laura! I so enjoy your photgraphs, and your writing and your art, and now you've made my day.
And congrats to you!
all the best-

Sandra Evertson said...

Now I'm Blushing!
Sandra Evertson

katydiddy said...

Good list of winners!

Michelle said...

thanks for the award! it's always nice to be appreciated for the little things we do! Come visit my site, I'm having a new swap!