Thursday, April 17, 2008

In a Pensive Mood

No art to share. Just some photos and thoughts. Hey, wait! Photos are art, right? So here's my story.

I have made some pieces while I've been gone, but they were gifts and they flew out of here without having their pictures taken. I see change in my work as I get more confident and learn new techniques. I'm looking forward to a Summer of experimentation.

I have been writing more and just noticed that I am going through, what I finally realize is, my "change of seasons mood."
I feel like I am seeing the familiar for the first time. Boundaries get blurry and it seems that the fantastical is possible.

Because I grew up in Cleveland, I am most comfortable in cooler weather with occasional dark and rainy days. People say that there are no seasons in California, but there are. And as we head straight into Sizzling Summer, not my favorite, I'm pausing to soak up the images I love from the Wistful Winter.

Late Winter brings amazing light in the afternoon. It seeps into our old house and does magical things. I find myself arranging my day so that I can be home for this show. Here are some examples.

Then we have overcast conditions that just seem to erase the sky. Suggests a kind of limitlessness to me. Some overcast can make me feel claustrophobic, like something is closing in on me. This one makes me feel exposed and boundless.

Right now, I feel a bit like I'm stuck on a shelf, waiting for someone to take me down and put me to the work I've come to enjoy. For years my camera took pictures of vacation spots and holiday gatherings. Only in the past few years have I come to appreciate what an entertaining companion it is for me. I had no idea it knew so many tricks!

But then I come into this room I am now calling my Den. Out of habit, I still slip and call it my Office. I can't quite call it my Studio yet. Still struggling with a bit of impostor syndrome. But whatever I call it, this is the room I have claimed as my own. A place for art, writing, reading, napping, meditating and playing with like minded friends. I'll guiltily admit it may be the best room in the house. Come on in.
I'll share the beautiful orchids a friend gave me because she missed my tea party. She is someone I don't really know very well, so it was extra touching to have her remember me like this.

Right now, I'm off to visit with two of my favorite people, The Queen and Princess of the Royal Icings. Later, I'll be popping in to visit many of you.

Here's to a Splendid Summer of art and friends.


katydiddy said...

The Royals enjoyed their visit to your kingdom. We shall take pictures on our next visit to share with our loyal subjects.

Patience-please said...

Well first of all, those photos are stunning! Your use of light and texture are impressive.
And second of all, I have that same issue of Writer's Digest on my bedside table, (which doubles as Fat Charlie's crate). I felt such a connection when I saw it in your photograph!
I hope the book has arrived safely.
all the best-

reinaswan said...

I really like the den picture, and the kitchen looks very abstract. See you soon.

Alison Gibbs said...

Laura I just love those photos with the sunlight streaming in.

randi said...

I am going to start calling you Rembrant with those darks and lights...these are just dreamy girl. They make me so homesick.

Tara said...

Love the way the light shines throughout your house deep on an afternoon, I could just parade around room to room watching synbeams!!



Colleen said...

Wow! Gorgeous and warm feeling pictures!

reinaswan said...

You have been tagged take a look at my blog

Tara said...

I am doing a giveaway for my 100th post, stop in!