Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whatever happened to...

those Personal Ads with the wonderfully cryptic messages that used to be in the classified section of the newspaper? I loved reading them and used to search the paper in hopes of finding them.  Then I could dream and imagine what their story was.

"Looking for Joe from the Dew Drop Inn. Call me. Wanda." Or "We met Sat at matinee. Call me. Blond in green." Or "Uncle Joe dead. Come home at once."

Seems there were a lot more of those when I was a kid. No email then and no google search for finding just about any one I guess. Do you ever see these in your local paper anymore? I'm curious.

Anyway, because I have a very demanding friend who has whined and complained that I mention every one but him in my blog, I will leave him a message. "Ken, Sun ten am at wallys is on."

He claims he reads my blog.  We'll just see, won't we?

More later.  Gotta go pay bills, even though I'd much rather play here.


Patience-please said...

Let us know if he caught on!

My blog has been picked up by our local paper, so now I write a weekly "blogette" for the paper.

It's backwards!


Tara said...

Does Ken show up? We need to know!Hee-hee!

Michelle said...

love the new banner! and glad you back in blog land!

katydiddy said...

Hi Ken! Do I need to mention you in my blog too? Katie