Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you stand one more sunset photo?

One of the best things about California is the sunsets. The light is so magical sometimes.

These lovely ladies hang from the ceiling in the middle of my "studio". (I stumble over that word because this room serves so many purposes). They are papier mache and came from a wonderful little shop in La Jolla. I got them on one of the yearly get aways that Katydiddy and I treat ourselves to. I love the way the light sets them aglow.

And here is some art that I've done recently in a class on altered surfaces taught by Chris Cozen using Golden products.

These two were fun to make and I have plans to turn these into books.

These two were experiments using acrylic paints with gels, mediums, grounds and pastes. Not my best work, but fun.

Today, a friend sent me this link and I feel compelled to share this with art-minded friends. Be sure to look at all three pages. I cannot conceive how anyone can hold this in their mind and make it come out of their hands. Amazing.

The Husband just walked in and flashed a copy of the movie Milk. I'm off to my chair by the fire to enjoy movie night!

Peace and Love to all.


Alison Gibbs said...

Just been catching up on your last few posts. What fun to have found your childhood friend.
Bring on the sunset shots. Love them.

katydiddy said...

I love the colors on your background pages!