Friday, March 13, 2009

Reasons to keep our brains in working order

I have been grousing about struggling to learn my way around Facebook, and I have this to look forward to!

Speaking of technology, I finally got my birthday present, a new Canon PowerShot SX10IS. My head is going to explode from all of the new stuff I'm cramming in there at once. Here are a few shots from my trial photo safari.

This a small fountain I have placed in front of a piece of my art.

This beautiful little girl enchanted me. I couldn't stop watching her. She was dancing about and at one point put on her Dad's huge shirt and let the wind blow it around her. I'm still trying to work up the nerve to ask people to let me photograph them. I guess I have to see myself as a photographer first.

My pretty new camera catches light and leaves shadow in ways that I only dreamed before.

Playing with settings. I could play like this for days and days. These are inspirations for sketching.

Clearly, I have a lot to learn about night shots. I forgot to set the flash on these but think they came out kind of cool anyway.

And THIS...This is that once-in-a-lifetime shot. I was just clicking away when the photography gods smiled on me.

I've never felt the need to say, please don't steal this, but I'm saying...this is my property!

Getting this photo and locating my long lost playmate today have really driven home, for me, the concept of each moment being perfect. Any moment that seems imperfect is simply a nudge, pushing us closer to the prize for which we'd never dare ask.


Natasha Burns said...

Great new camera, aren't new toys always fun to work with and learn about?!
I watched that clip you had a link to. Oh my goodness, wowzers!!!

katydiddy said...

I want a new camera too! I got to see these photos in REAL life. Lucky me!