Monday, April 27, 2009


If you don't about this blog you should. I love this woman's mind and her art gives me courage to keep drawing and painting.

When I grow up I want to be an old woman

This is a phrase from a song on a Kaiser Healthcare commercial...

and here is my 80 year old Mom demonstrating just what that would look like.

Mom said she always wanted to fly in an open cockpit bi plane so this is what you get the woman who has everything for Christmas! (a ride, not the plane)

How cute is she? We couldn't decide if she was Snoopy or the Red Baron.

And I got another chance to play with my new camera.

Beauty comes to my kitchen.

This little girl lives on the counter and seems to be enjoying her lovely companions.

And wait! There is more!

I am about the luckiest woman on the planet. The husband brings me roses for no reason.

These coral lovelies sat just down the counter from the Tulips. The morning sun comes into those windows and the warmth released the fragrance of these blooms. A very kind way to start the day.

Do you struggle, like me, deciding what to do with the precious cards you received at holidays? I have stacks, too many, of cards I have saved and I have regrets, too many, over cards I have tossed.

Add this dilemma to my passion for journal making and here's what you get. Pages ready to be collaged, painted over and transformed. I first thought I was a genius for inventing this, but further reflection brought recall of seeing something similar done with Christmas cards to make a seasonal journal. I wish I could remember which blog I saw it on so I could give credit. If it's you, let me know so I can acknowledge your creation.

Anytime I can hang beads off of something, I will and I find myself using more lace lately. The cover is doubled ivy covered tissue paper copied onto card stock.

It's a good size to slip into a purse to catch moments of inspiration.

If you enjoy reading, hop over to my friend's blog, R Mary Ann Reads and Writes for a delightful take on the written word.

The birds sound like an orchestra tuning up for a concert. I'm off to see if I can get a good seat!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Sign

We had our usual Spring fire-prevention-tree work done so the property was humming with lots of heavy equipment. I have to tell you that I don't like these days because it's all just so rough and scarring. But, when at last all was quiet and still, I ventured out of the kitchen door, across the patio and saw this where one of the trucks had been parked.

It's still there, a week later, to remind me that love is always in the air! My granddaughter thinks it's somewhat magical and I have to agree.

Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend whether you call it Easter, Passover, Spring, Sunday or something I can't think of. I had a wonderful day with all of my chickens under one roof. Because I have always called my four kids my chickens, my darling Katydiddy made me this.
Next is an example of the cards I made for everyone. They said Happy Easter in the space to the right. How I love to throw paint around. I hardly ever use ink with my stamps anymore. I use paint and they get all thick and gloppy. Yeah.

The last time I blogged, I mentioned that I'd been to Mammoth Mountain with the husband, my son and daughter-in-law. They skied but I remembered, exactly, the moment that I gave it up. I was sitting on a stalled lift, in howling wind and sleet, freezing, with cramps in my feet that made my toes try to curl up which they couldn't do because they were strapped down tight in huge heavy boots. I was DONE. Now I am so out of shape I couldn't ski anyway. But I went along for the scenery, to enjoy some quiet time and to play with my new camera. I did a little shuttling to the lift, a little hanging out and journaling in the lodge,

a little cooking and lots of quality time with people I love.

Turns out it snowed and snowed while we were there so I took most of my photos from the car on the way up and the way home. I'm not complaining, I love car photos. I think it's one of my "things".

The scenery in California is so varied and beautiful. Here is a shot in the high desert on our way up.

The colors are, of course mineral deposits. This area is littered with the remains of old mining towns.

An early glimpse of the Sierras. I love the fact that desert meets alpine like this.

Don't these darling scattered trees look like scenery from a model train set. Those clouds are full of snow that will soon enough fall all over us.

This was the view from the balcony of our condo the evening we arrived.

And this was taken at the gondola that goes up the mountain right from the heart of downtown.

The following photos were taken on the way home.
The first part of the drive down was in some pretty heavy weather. Good thing we are from Cleveland and know how to drive in snow.

Remember those train-set trees we saw on the way up?

Another photo showing the contrasting conditions you find up there.

A farewell view of the Sierras.

We've made this trip several times and I never tire of the scenery.

Today is what Winnie the Poo would call a blustery day. Some pretty heavy wind coming off the desert clears the air and makes the scenery so crystal clear it almost hurts to look at it. We have a lot of pine up here and the branches are all rubbing against each other releasing the most heavenly fragrance. I'm off to see what my new camera can do with a day like today and to distract myself from the fire danger that comes with these drying winds. I think the Buddha said this; "who worries is a fool for then he suffers twice." I'm trying hard not to be a fool!