Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forty One Years Ago Today

That's right folks, it all started with these two crazy kids in Parma, Ohio. As the husband wrote in the lovely card he gave me, "it's been a great ride!" There have been heart warming moments and moments of heart break, sheer terror and sheer joy, dark days and dazzling days. You know, a life. The real sweet spots are our four children. And now there are 2.5 little sweet spots added to the mix. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family all of whom bring us magic and delight. We have come a long way in those years and we are grateful.

I don't think we looked old enough to get married. Would you believe me if I said we haven't changed a bit?

LAST EVENING, after dinner, the husband called me to come into the kitchen, quiet and slow. This is what I saw when I looked out of the door.
Can you see him? On top of the fountain? Because the house wraps around this patio, I was able to move to a window without screen and get these shots.

Just how beautiful is he??? Becoming a regular visitor at dawn and dusk over the past week. We had a mysterious disappearance of a rather large bottle shaped container of fish food from the potting table. We have been speculating everything from coyotes to bears. But I think we have found the thief. Of course he could see me taking his photo and he seemed pleased to pose. His hooing echoes around patio and it sounds like he's using a bullhorn. Once again, Spirit comes to take a look.

ONE PIECE OF ART before I go. This is a journal page I made several days ago. It helped a lot, getting my mind off of all of the fires that are burning around us. We are in no present danger but after our last experience, it is an effort for me to relax.

Serial Salvation

A benign breeze blows,
a cooling kiss beckons
at the window
that has been shut too long
to the melting madness
of a mind gone
literally to hell.
Only this morning
have I been able
to rise to the risk,
to chance capture
by the caress
of that which
always returns
with promise of
a heavenly haunt.
lm. 8/2009

Wishing you all soft, velvety serenity


Notes From Pippi said...

whooo...whooo. Beautiful and my mom.

Laura Bray said...

I, for one, am glad you two were too young to know what you were doing. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

lyn said...

Cool blog! Love the owl. Nice that creativity runs in the family! I get Laura's newsletter and I'm about to open an etsy store thanks to some of the information from her.
Continued success