Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's that time again

I seem to manage one post per month. As soon as I figure out how "they" are doing it, you know-making time pass more quickly than it used to, I will demand "they" stop! There does, fortunately, seem to be enough time for me to read your blogs. Always know that I am lurking on your pages.

All of that flying time has been good to me. As I mentioned last month, Alison of Creative Arts and Crafts
proclaimed me a winner and sent a lovely package of goodies. She commented that one of the pieces would be coveted by the other Laura (those of you who know her will easily identify the piece in question) but I have successfully staked my claim. Thank you so much, Alison, for so many great things. They look happy here in my studio.

Speaking of that little devil Laura, be careful if she ever suggests you take a look at the shop of someone she is consulting with. You will not be able to resist a purchase, she associates only with the finest of purveyors! Take a look at this great necklace purchased from the most talented Marieken at Park Avenue Jewelry. Matching earrings are included with each necklace.

My adventures at The Art Box continue. The lovely Sylvia hosts an open studio each Monday and it is my intention to attend more than I miss. So far, I've attended one...and missed one. Here is another of the collage pieces made in her class.

and this
is my response to Sylvia's challenge to get outside of my box and use a pallet and a medium I am not comfortable with. I tend to neglect water color, so that was my medium of choice, and this barn was to be all soft and pastellie. Imagine my delight when then Sylvia directed me to now make this piece "mine". For me that meant deeper colors and, of course, words. When I look at this I remember how much fun I had in that studio with those talented women. My plan is to be there next Monday!

I could go on, but maybe I'll save the rest for a post later in the week. Or next month.

I "clean" my brushes on empty journal pages and have discovered that, completely by chance, I can find some great images, begging to be defined, hidden in the mess. They feel like "secret" messages, fun. So, for now, I am content; a monkey mind searching for pattern in chaos.

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Alison Gibbs said...

Glad to hear the 'other Laura' didn't get her hands on 'you know what'