Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Journaling

Got this two page spread done today in my little greeting card journal. Something about working in this book makes me especially happy.

My No Hunting plea is a result of many things coming together. I took a wonderful stencil class from Mary Ann Moss which made me purchase Ed Roth's book, Stencil 101 where I found that beautiful deer, and we just took down some old chicken wire, and I spent a bit of time this morning watching a mother and her spotted faun munching right next to the house.

The other piece was more of a stream-of-consciousness activity. I got a sample of that seductive, dark green paint and now I want to paint EVERYTHING phthalo green. The rest is old images I had in a box and the little copper color thing is a paint skin left on my palette from yesterday. I was listening to M. Ward's music, not really thinking, just painting, cutting, pasting and when I came out of my reverie, there it was. The text comes from a memory of a movie I saw years ago about ancient Druids and a seasonal celebration where the finest specimen of young manhood is chosen from the village and for a week he wears a head piece of stag horns, is fed and pampered by the women of the village and bedded by every eligible virgin in town. At the end of the week, the women 'hunt' him through the sacred oak grove and when they catch him, they nail him to one of the trees.

Toured a 1920's California Mediterranean house this afternoon. It is complete with a 4 story tower that allows you to see over three canyons. It is in original and impeccable condition. Great fun. Just finished up the evening having tea and ice cream with very good friends.

All in all, a most wonderful day.

Seeing all of us collapsing into the loving arms of The Mother where we may safely nap and sweetly dream.


Anonymous said...

I love the poem and the Druid story. Let's screw the hell outta him and then nail him to a tree---very primitive and goddessy- I like it. I like the collage work in your painting, I always click on your art to take a closer look at the details and nooks and crannys and am amazed.

Alison Gibbs said...

Just read your last 2 posts. Your journal pages are looking wonderful.
Have a great weekend

Laura Bray said...

I know a few men I would like to nail to a tree right now. Hey! Is that where the slang came from. You know the one that guys use to brag about how their date went? Don't hear woman talking about that much. Maybe guys would stop using the term if they knew about this story.