Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The ranch has enjoyed the rain we had this year. We needed it so badly and I hope we can get at least a few more showers before we head into Summer.

I am always amazed that beautiful flowers grow in great profusion, in unlikely places, with no help from us. In fact, I realize that they grow precisely because we leave them alone! I'm sort of like that, I tend to bloom best when left a bit wild and alone.

The flowers, vague ghosts of earth,
the heroic daughters of March, appear.
They sit in the sun, eager to greet our steps
if only we would venture
outside of the tended garden.

Even now, our highest good is rushing to us from unknown sources. Bless our efforts
to open our arms wide enough to receive it.

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Notes From Pippi said...

Your blog looks bea-u-tiful. Very tender and true pictures, art and writing, makes my heart feel warm & happy.