Monday, May 10, 2010

The remains of the day...

It seems that every where I look in blogland, someone is talking about a ROD journal. This evening sky with it's bits and pieces of rag tag clouds strikes me as the remains of a day.

I love looking through my old journals, I see them as bits and pieces of what is left of me from the passing of time.

While searching for something to use in the Mother's Day cards I was making, I dusted off Image Tricks, a free app that I downloaded years ago. Posterizing photos is way too much fun and this app makes it a snap.

I know this can be done with Photo shop, maybe even better. But Image Tricks is such a no brainer to use I can't resist.

I am looking forward to taking a four day painting class next week with Robert Burridge. And it's right in my back yard! No flying or marathon driving. If you live in So Cal you might want to check in with the delightful Sylvia at The Art Box to see if there is still room.

Check out my blog list for a new entry. Galaxy Dreams is the work of a good friend. If you need some inspiration, go take a peek.

Here's what I'm thinking at the end of a day that had some rough edges: Take only what you loved about today. Leave the rest for the dust bin.


Notes From Pippi said...

These pictures are great. Very relaxing to read and feel the "remains of the day".

Alison Gibbs said...

Love what you did with the photos - if Image Tricks is a nobrainer then it must be for me. I have photoshop but can't work out how to use it.