Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Polka Dotted Journal, the final episode

So, apparently I do not know how to post date posting. Hmmm.
Here are the rest of the pages I'd intended you to see late in the week.
I like to think that someday in the distant future, someone will look at
this page and wonder what Starbucks Coffee was.

If you have never seen the play of the Lion King
go now. Glad to see it coming around again. The quote
on this page seems a thing I really need to remember.

That gospel story of the hemorrhaging woman
has been stuck in my head since I heard it as a little
kid at Mass. There is something very cosmic and
timeless hidden in there.

The lovely lady standing at this window is on
a postcard made by Vanessa of Fanciful Twist
and sent to me by my daughter who knows I love
that blog.

Thanks for looking through my journal.
Now I'm off to look through yours!

A man once told me, "the most powerful force on
the planet is friendship among women."


femminismo said...

These journals are wonderful. You inspire me to do better. And I want to go to Catalina also!

femminismo said...

Thanks for your recent comment. My computer's been so slow I haven't wanted to take the time to download more pics. Pretty fast tonight. I hope your journaling is going great. The polka-dotted one is great. I'd like to find my new "white ink pen" I just bought. Rats! Stay cool!