Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Shadow images fascinate me, especially when they are so sharp. Looking at them gets me to one of those places where I feel like I almost get that esoteric "thing" that explains everything. This is the side of my refrigerator in the morning light.

Reading this now, I realize it may sound a little fatalistic. It really came from a good place, an ah- ha moment.

The ocean is really calling me. I love this old ranch, but I am ready whenever the powers that be see fit to bring the perfect buyer.

I do some of my best thinking and day dreaming in the shower or the bath.

So, by now I am sure you have noticed that I'm off in a bit of a new direction with my journaling.
I am trying to sketch everyday. The experts teach that daily practice can really improve technique. I am learning by doing. Many years ago I drew everyday and surprised myself with some of what I produced. Hoping for a repeat of that experience.

Happy Turkey day tomorrow. Baked 3 pumpkin pies to take to Katydiddy's tomorrow where the entire clan will gather. I love having all my chickens around me.


Alison Gibbs said...

Enjoy your family when they come visit for Thanksgiving

femminismo said...

Oh, I love shadows too. When the Mister and I went to the Picasso exhibit in Seattle I took a photo of the shadows produced by the horns on an African mask. Evidently Picasso went through an African phase, with his masks and icons and what-not. I like those sharp bar shaped shadows you posted. We had a family Thanksgiving too. I, of course, made the sweet potatoes. Talk to you later. I think dinner's ready - at least from the clanking of the plates, I believe so.