Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Many of you have seen multiple photos of our beloved ranch, but now you have a chance to see it like never before! Some of you know we have it on the market. We have always wanted to live at the beach and we realize we aren't getting any younger. Our realtor has arranged a beautiful web site for us and I would like to share that with you. Trails End Ranch Help us spread the word that our little piece of heaven is for sale.

I have been in Malibu

taking a wonderful class with the very special Judy Wise,

Great teacher, great food, lovely surroundings.

Photos of the many things I learned will be coming soon.

In the mean time, here is some iPhone fun.

Let me leave you with a new poem. I'd be interested to know what it says to you.

The Woman at Land’s End

You will see her at the ocean's edge

catching the lacy tide in her arms, ignoring

the moon as it demands the return of ebb and flow.

She traps stars in the tangle of her hair and when

the diaphanous Milky Way drops it’s net to retrieve

it's sparkle, it is lost to the heavens in her raven waves.

She swallows the wind in a greedy breath, starves the

snake when she steals his fangs, feeds her cats

the birds whose wings she has taken in envy.

Beware the woman at lands end.

She walks the planet trailing foaming white Chantilly,

crowned with heaven's jewels. With poison dripping

from her lips, she casts spells that conjure the whirlwind,

so desperately does she long to fly.




Diana said...

It's a beautiful visually-rich poem, though I can't say what I think the meaning is, but in literal sense I am reminded of being on Land's End on Bailey Island, Maine, and the ocean tides, starry nights and Milky Way, which are all so magical that they could inspire beautiful poems. I'm sure there is much meaning to this of which I am oblivious, however!

Laura said...

Diana, thank you for your thoughts on the poem. Of course, I expressed something important to me when I wrote this, but the thing I like best about a poem is its ability to evoke something different and personal to each person who reads it. Oblivious? I think not. Your recollection of Land's End is wonderful. Thank you also for your kind words.

Laura Bray said...

Your best poem EVER.

femminismo said...

So lucky to do Judy's class. I'll bet you had the best time in the world! I want to check out Trail's End. Talk at you later.