Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a wonderful Spring

we have been having here at Trails End.

Too much rain, too many clouds for some, but not for me. It may be because I'm from Cleveland, but I need rain and some overcast days. And the lush, green results are a sight to behold.

This next photo is one of my car shots, attempting to capture the magic of all of the screaming yellow on the hillsides and road sides in SoCal in the Spring. Wild Mustard and Scotch Broom everywhere. Needless to say, roaring down the freeway is not the way to capture these golden wonders. So I had some fun altering one of the shots I did get.

I'm thinking of painting this. Maybe adding a Tuscan villa in the background.

Easter was all about flowers here. I got these beauties from a dear friend

and these are from the husband. I am so lucky, I get roses all of the time.

And, we all know how addicted I am to shadows. Each season has a distinct quality of light and a distinct nuance of shadow, something I never noticed until I lived here on the ranch. Another gift of this magical place, along with the views and the opportunity to meet the nicest people on the road.

I love TED and this clip really moved me. I found it interesting and entertaining as well. It certainly is a worthy hope.

Speaking of right brain, I wish I was 5 again. I would so wear my granddaughter's shoes.

It is my intention (but we all know about intention) to blog more frequently. Next time I have some art to share with you.

Right now, I'm thinking of all of the blessings that Spring and life in general have brought to me. I'm so grateful for all of you and your kind words and encouragement. Join me in a nice cuppa?