Thursday, August 4, 2011

More good things

I have so many exciting things on my horizon the next few months I am close to bursting! Here is a piece that is mostly finished that I will put in the collage show in September. Most of you know, I am crazy for book arts and this is a collage show. I just got rolling and the next thing I knew I had a piece of hybrid art!

The Humanities in the back is the front cover of a wonderful old book, which was already in pieces, and the collage pages are between the covers of another recycled oldie.

There are a total of 16 collages in here. Some still need a coat of gel medium and some need a little text. I feel really happy to have figured all of this out. Normally, I would have just settled on an easy application which would mean I settled on a finished piece that was not exactly what I wanted. The book is bound with rings that go through the Humanities board so it is secure and won't flop around when people go through it. Believe me, it was a huge achievement for someone as technically challenged as I am.

There is a hanger on the back of the Humanities board so it can be hung up. I am trying to imagine how I can include a sign encouraging people to look through the book. I recently read an article that reminded me of the theory that simply observing a thing actually changes that thing. I want to invite people to "change" this exhibit simply by looking at it. Tossing and turning on a sleepless night last week, I went so far as to imagine a traveling exhibit of somethings like this by a variety of artists with the theme being "Look and Change: a challenge for our times."

Then there is this:

a journal made from the cardboard "sleeve" that Amazon sends your books in. Inspired by my friend Aleta who saw the potential in that bit of trash. I'm going to enter this as well; it is not filled with collage but it is a journal that IS a collage.
The black and gold paper covering the back board is over 200 years old, courtesy of my friend who sells antique prints. So, this piece is a repository of things and people that are dear to me.

There are two facing journals inside. Sort of the Drost effect.

This can be taken from the wall to write or art in them.

The frosty piece of glass that holds the book closed was a find made by my granddaughter. As you know, we had a huge fire up here several years ago and our greenhouse burned to nothing. Now bits of this amazing glass are working their way to the surface. The technicalities of making this work as a closure were suggested by the husband.

Here's another bit of thinking I've done.

The potential of the butterfly
motivates every caterpillar
and the wisdom and patience
of the caterpillar must be honored
by every butterfly.

I'm probably the last person on the planet to "get" this. Of course I have heard all of the metaphore, but for some reason I just GOT this bigger (or is it smaller?) picture.

This art and this writing are entwined in my mind. I feel like I am moving to the next place. It's not that I am dissatisfied, it's more like differentsatisfied.

Oh how I babble on. Thanks for listening while I self- obsess.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Beautiful my sister, thanks for sharing.

In Lak' ech, live in love prosper in peace..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me credit for the Amazon book sleeve. :)
I think that your Humanities board will be great. I have an idea for a sign to get people to look inside.

Judy Wise said...

I love your painted cardboard; gorgeous!! Think of you often; Malibu was one of the year's highlights. Thank you for your wonderful blog; for sharing and being you. xo

femminismo said...

You babble fine! I love the idea of people "changing" the art of the book by simply opening it. Adding comments? How about "secret" posted on the outside to encourage folks to open it. Or, "only open after my demise"? The paints are rich and colorful! I love redoing books into artwork!!

Natasha Burns said...

Beautiful work!
Love the idea of using the cardboard and the way you used it is fantastic!

femminismo said...

I wanted to send you this link to a Welsh artist with an interactive exhibit "Honour Thy Father." Here it is. Very interesting, the interactive part.

Lisa said...

It was so wonderful meeting you today!! And now to find your beautiful blog! Happiness.

Healing Woman said...

Your show will be a real success given the interesting collages you are entering. I love the idea of changing artwork by viewing it. Interesting concept. I also love the cardboard book sleeve. Must also check out the Welsh artist's interactive exhibit.